Where to sleep in Florence

If you are looking for accommodation in Florence, don't be afraid of not finding it. This city is indeed, in relation to the number of residents, one of the cities with the highest number of hotels in the world.

The best part of Florence is definitely the historical centre, which is easily accessible on foot. For this reason, we recommend accommodation in this area within a 20-minute walk of Piazza Duomo, Piazza Signoria to guarantee you a stay without the use of transport in Florence.


Hotels in Florence

In Florence you can find hotels to suit all budgets, from extra-luxury to good-quality 2-star hotels. Obviously, some hotels cost an exorbitant amount depending on the area.
But don't despair, because you can find great bargains even in the city centre.

Apartments in Florence

A great way to save money while staying in Florence is to stay in apartments that offer a lower price than a hotel, more privacy and the possibility of having breakfast, lunch or dinner at home.

But don't go overboard with meals at home, one of the main reasons to visit Florence is good food...

Hostels in Florence

If you are a lone backpacker or a group of friends, you can also find excellent hostels that allow you to spend little money and easily socialize with other tourists in love with the Medici’s city.

The average price of a hostel in Florence is € 20.

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